Tornio Brewery Products


Arctic Stout is velvety rich, softly roasty, and as black as a cup of coffee made over open fire. There are hints of aromas of dark chocolate and licorice in the background. This is the perfect companion for you if you favor dark beers.'


Arctic Lager is a bottom-fermented beer with the yellow hue of a summer night, deliciously malty body, and crispy, refreshingly fruity hopping rate. Arctic Lager offers a tasty alternative for friends of beer who are fed up with ultra-filtered bulk lagers.


Czech Style Pilsner, on more friendly terms tsekkipils (‘Czech pilsner’), is a golden pilsner made by a traditional Czech decoction mashing method that combines the softness of the Finnish malt with the freshness of the Lappish water and the Czech Saaz hops. The quality is guaranteed by brewmaster David Maša.


A new-wave beer of Tornion Panimo, bowing to traditions and aiming for the future, Arctic Pale Ale is a top-fermented beer with the reddish tint of fall leaves, an amply malty body, and a softly fruity hopped aftertaste that lingers in the aromatic layers of the Magnum hops.

Original 1964 Lager is made in accordance with the recipe for the original Tornio gold medal beer. It is an all-malt, soft and lightly crispy, filtered bottom-fermented beer rich in taste and flavor. The quality is guaranteed by brewmaster Leo Andelin, who created the recipe in the early 1960s.