It was a snowy November night in 1873, when influential merchants and leaders in Tornio gathered at Mayor Karl Johan Boström’s residence. The purpose of the meeting was beer. The North lacked a brewery of their own, even though the fields yielded nutritious barley and the cleanest water in the nation ran straight from the fjelds in the rapids.

That’s when Tornion Panimo, Tornio Brewery, was founded, and its story is without parallel. At the age of 90, the brewery created the beer that would become Finland’s most known and successful of all time, even internationally. The years to follow were marked by enormous growth, and the name of the brewery was changed into Lapin Kulta (‘Lappish Gold’). 

135 years after it was founded, the historic brewery fell into the ownership of an international giant, which transferred the production into the south. The counterreaction of the Finns was furious, but at the same time, the seed for a new beginning was sown.

Tornion Panimo, in operation since the tsarist times, is the paragon of Lappish perseverance. The success of this legendary brewery was brought about through the innovativeness and persistence of a northern tribe. The brewery has endured prohibition, world wars, and the global blow meant to be deadly, but the decision made on that snowy November night hasn’t been broken.

We at Tornion Panimo make a bow to our long traditions and bare our behind to global giants. Here we still are, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Tornion Panimo has returned to its roots and continues its story, begun in the same place 140 years ago, as an artisanal brewery on a bank of the Tornio River that gathers up the arctic waters of the Lapland fjelds, at the border of the country.

Dear friends, let’s rejoice over being able to drink traditional Lappish beer again. It has been brewed under the Northern lights.


Tornion Panimo is an artisanal brewery still operating in the same place the brewery was built as far back as in 1873. Underneath our brewery lie the original, 140-year-old cellar vaults that will soon begin their new life as whiskey cellars. You can read more about our whiskeys and other spirits under Distillery.

As recently as in 2010, Lapin Kulta was churned out here at the annual capacity of over 200 million liters. After the large-scale industry stood aside, we returned the legendary brewery to its roots as an artisanal brewery. We brew our beer with two machineries of different sizes. The boil size of the smaller artisanal equipment is 1,000 liters and the annual capacity ca. 200,000 liters. In March of 2017, we put larger equipment made of authentic Tornio steel into operation, increasing our annual production capacity close to 2.5 million liters. 

We must keep growing so that more people yet can enjoy genuine Lappish beer. Nevertheless, after once seeing what it is to be large-scale, we understand that beer is at its best when it’s brewed by ordinary people with extra-ordinary hearts. So we’ll remain jovial Lappish artisans in future, too. 

All our products and recipes are developed in the laboratory of our parent company, Sangen, where the real propeller heads of science and the art of drinking busy themselves. So it’s guaranteed that our quality has been tested over and over, and all sorts of new things are experimented on all the time. You can read more about Sangen here

The next time you come across our stately tower logo, go ahead, grab one and enjoy. If you travel through Lapland, we recommend a stop at our brewery. We organize brewery tours and beer tastings for groups on demand.


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