SOLVE & EXIT Room Escape game

Roome escape games have become very popular. Find your way out of the room by following the clues and by solving various tasks.

Solve & Exit games are for everyone, but some of the themes can be exciting and are therefore not suitable for the smallest children. 

Group size: 

In one room, there can be maximum 6 persons at once. We have 3 rooms. If you are a bigger group, please ask for more information  +358 40 196 6544 or email:

Hannibal room

A serial killer known for cannibalism has made you prisoner and you must escape from the murderer. 

We have two Hannibal rooms.

Age limit-15 years old.


2-3 persons: 60,00€ 
4 persons: 80,00€ 
5 persons: 100,00€ 
6 persons: 120,00€ 

More information and booking or by phone +358 40 196 6544!