Megazone is an action-packed, indoor team game. It suits just about anyone, regardless of age and gender.

The music on the playing field obscures the movements of the opponent and the dim lighting creates an exciting atmosphere in the game. The player's job is to destroy the opponents and their bases with a laser gun attached to their vest. Each hit will score points and determine the winner of the game. And while you can't run, crawl, or jump during the game, the sheer atmosphere already elevates the sweat.

Games are played both open and private. The idea of ​​an open game is to take players into the game in a chronological order, but with a maximum of 18 players at a time. In a private game, the maximum number of players is the same. The private round is closed to outside players.

Book your game here:

1 Open game round € 9.50 / person

There may be other players involved in open games. One game can hold up to 18 players at a time.

With student card or under 12 yrs 8.00 € / person

Student and child discounts apply weekdays only (Mon-Fri)

Extra game € 8.00 / person

Private round € 165 / game

No other players (up to 18 players) are involved in the private game. 0444411221

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Opening times:

Monday-Wednesday: Closed

Thursday-Friday: 14-20

Saturday-Sunday: 12-19


Ski holiday week 10 (7.-13.3.2022)

Everyday 12-19