School trip to Duudson Park

Make a school trip to Lappari and Activity Park

Wonderful day with a team spirit!  We encourage children and adolescents to overcome themselves and get the joy of success. The crown of the day is the delicacy of the restaurant. Choose from the packages below you prefer

Food  Over 7 Y  2-6 Y Only Food   min
Macaroni casserole  24,00€ 21€  6,90€  20 pax
Sausage/Little D  24,00€ 21€   6,90€  10 pax
Lunch or Paja meal  27,50€  24,50€  9,90€  10 pax



Park program with a guide 75,00 € / group /h, is purchased in addition to the normal entrance fee. The group size is maximum of 15 persons. For bigger groups, we need several guides.


More info:
+358 (0)44 441 1221