Start your birthday adventure here

Have a birthday party of a lifetime at the Dudesons Activity Park!

Our park offers an unforgettable setting for events of all kinds, from superhero birthday parties to gatherings with friends.

The birthday package includes catering and a fun-filled day at the Park.

Invite all your friends and have an unforgettable birthday party at Lappari Experience factory. Choose your birthday package Makia och Komia.


Duudson birthday party Makia, is  25 € / person and includes:

  • mini donuts
  • soft ice cream + sprinkles
  • popcorn
  • juice/water
  • Duudsonit-park entrance ticket 
  • juice break  at the "lemonade factory"
  • your own birthday room + cleaning
  • also gluten and lactose-free


Duudson birthday party Komia, is  390 € / person and includes:

  • French fries and sausages
  • soft ice cream + sprinkles
  • popcorn
  • juice water
  • Duudeson activity park entrance ticket
  • Juice break at the "Lemonade Factory"
  • Your own birthday room + cleaning
  • also gluten and lactose-free


  • Birthday cake 30,00 € (6 persons)
  • Mini pizzas ham or tuna 4,50 € / each
  • mini sandwiches ham or cheese 4,50 € / each
  • Cupcakes 4,50 € / each
  • Cookie with frosting 2,50 € / each
  •  Rocky road - 3,00 € / each
  • mini donuts with sprinkles and frosting 3,00 € / each
  • candy 2,00 € /child
  • For the adults coffee and a bun or ice cream 4,00 € / person
  • Chips 2,00 € / child

Birthday rooms:


This room is above the activity park, from here you have a great view over the park.


This room is above the restaurant, from here you have a great view over the park.

DAP-meeting room.


Good to know:

We arrange birthday parties for a group with minimum 6 persons. We recommend sports outfit for the Duudeson activity park. In the park, you must have socks or indoor shoes on. In the skate and parkour hal, you need to have clean indoor shoes on.