We have conference rooms that offer options for both small and large events.

The restaurant is suitable for 250 people and 5-120 people in the meeting rooms.

Meetingroom 1 & 2 Meetingroom 1 Meetingroom 2 1& 2 togehter
Size 44m2 44 m2 90 m2
Congress 32-42 pers 32-42 pers. 64-96 pers.
Classroom 24 pers. 24 pers. 48 pers.
Theater 60 pers. 60 pers. 120 pers.

Restaurant Paja

250 seats with a stage


Club Teatria

Events up to 1440 persons.

Conference menu:

1. Coffee/ Tea, bun, ice water 7,00€/person.

2. Coffee/ Tea, salty pie, ice water 9,00€/person.

3. Coffee/Tea, Salad (chicken, salmon, ham) bread and butter 12,00€/person.

4. Coffee/Tea, Ham- and cheese sandwich, ice water 10,00€/person.

The meeting room is included in the price.

Sauna with a view

Availability: All year round

Fri-Sat, morning 12-17. Price: 250€

Fri-Sat, evening 18-23. Price: 350€

Sun-Thu,  evening 18-23. Price: 250€

Sun-Thu, morning 12-17. Price: 200€

Towels are included in the price. 


1. Green salad, ham and potato bake, bread and butter 11,50€/pers.

2. Green salad, Tornio brewery sausage, potato salad, bread and butter 12,50€/person.

Max 25 persons.

Price: 350€/evening.

Towels are included.

More information and booking: